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10 Organic Foods For Healthy Teeth

Your eating habits have a significant impact on your energy level, longevity, and the functionality of your entire body. Naturally, what you put into your body affects your gums and teeth as well. What can you eat regularly to keep your oral health in top shape? Here are 10 organic foods that are known to promote healthy teeth.

1. Organic Milk or Calcium-fortified Milk Alternatives

Calcium is a nutrient in which a shocking 40-60% of Canadian adults are deficient. Since Calcium promotes healthy teeth and bones, you can reduce your chances of losing teeth by increasing your intake to the recommended level of 1,000mg. Since Vitamin D helps your body process Calcium to itsbreakfast with milk, kiwis, strawberries, blueberries fullest, you should choose organic milk that is fortified with both Calcium and Vitamin D.

If you’re lactose intolerant or trying to avoid dairy products, there are plenty of lactose-free options available. You can now find Almond milk, Soy milk, and Coconut Milk with Calcium since the food industry is more aware than ever of non-dairy alternatives.

2. Cranberries

Fresh cranberries aren’t just good for preventing urinary tract infections—they’re also mightily antibacterial. When you need a midday snack that will freshen your breath, go grab come cranberries. Their antibacterial properties can stop bacteria from sticking to your teeth and prevent plaque formation.

3. Green Tea

Green tea has been used for centuries throughout Asia and there’s a reason why. Green tea is good for you! Not only is it known for its calming factors, it’s now known for its link to better oral health. In fact, a recent Japanese study shows that regular green tea drinkers have fewer cases of periodontal disease. A subsequent study shows that regular tea drinkers lose fewer teeth as they age. Why is this so?
Green tea is packed with something called “Catechins”, which are antimicrobial and tough against harmful bacteria. Given the costs of dental implants and tooth replacement procedures, green tea is an inexpensive beverage that can save you thousands of dollars later in life.

4. Shiitake Mushrooms

Another gem from East Asia, shiitake mushrooms are a fragrant and flavorful species of mushroom that taste great in stir fries. They’re also beneficial for your teeth because they contain a powerful component called Lentinan, which is a natural sugar that fights gingivitis and colon cancer cells.
Lentinan breaks down the biofilm that harbors harmful cavity-causing oral bacteria. What’s also incredible is that they only kill the bad bacteria, unlike your run-of-the-mill antibiotics that kill all bacteria, leaving your body unbalanced.

5. KiwisSmiling young woman holding kiwi slices in front of eyes

Kiwis can be regarded as the more mysterious fruit in the produce aisle. However, once you try it, you’ll keep on coming back for more. It’s tart yet sweet green fruit is packed with Vitamin C, which prevents collagen from breaking down.
Collagen is a big component of healthy gums, so including organic kiwis in your diet will help nourish your gums (and skin!) to reduce the risk of gingivitis and adverse oral conditions. Kiwis are also known to reduce stains from pigmented beverages like red wine and coffee.

6. Eggs

Gaston was right to start his days with dozens of eggs in Beauty and the Beast. This versatile food isn’t just for bodybuilders, however. Eggs are also full of great nutrients for your teeth. Among these nutrients is phosphorous, which protects your teeth’s enamel, ultimately preventing tooth decay and sensitivity.

7. Almonds

If you’re looking for a way to pack some plant-based protein into your diet, then almonds are a great start. Almonds are delicious as they are or they can be enjoyed in many forms like almond milk or almond butter.
These nuts contain valuable micronutrients that adults often find themselves lacking like Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Phosphorous, and Calcium. Since both phosphorous and Calcium have benefits for your teeth’s strength and enamel, almonds are always a healthy snack for your smile.

8. Onions

Onions have been used in home remedies for centuries for their antimicrobial properties. The strong taste and smell of raw onions are due to their sulfuric acid compounds which fight bad bacteria and keep inflammation at bay. Raw onions are commonly enjoyed in salads and sandwiches, but cooking them in meals can also deliver some of their benefits.

9. Apples

The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” continues to prove itself true. In this case, incorporating apples into your diet will help keep your dentist away. Apple’s act like natural toothbrushes because they actually brush bad bacteria and new plaque away.

10. Citrus Fruits

Oranges, grapefruit, and clementines are excellent foods to give your body more of that collagen-boosting Vitamin C. The only precaution you should take with consuming citrus foods is to rinse your mouth afterward because the citric acid can wear down your teeth’s enamel.

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