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You’re not you without your smile.

And when you’re missing teeth, or struggling with loose dentures, it can feel like your smile isn’t yours anymore.

Your grin goes away, you can’t eat what you want – you even speak differently. It’s just not the same.

The answer? Dental implants.

Comfortable and natural-looking, they make your smile yours again, whether you need one or two teeth, or a whole new smile.

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What makes LA Dental Clinic the place to get dental implants in LA?

Us and dental implants? We go way back.

We’ve been placing implants since 2007 and have successfully restored hundreds of smiles.

Us and dental implants? We go way back.

We take care to get things right the first time, and our 98% success rate is proof of that.

We’ve earned our stripes. And Hybridge Certification too.

We’ve gone through strict training to prove that we’re among the nation’s top implant doctors.

Dr. Arezoo Nasiry
Dr. Azy Nasiry

A Smile You’ll Love. Guaranteed.

Your implants come with up to 5 years of material coverage, and as long as you follow our recommendations for taking care of them, we’ll always be happy to help you with any fit and comfort adjustments.

What Our Patients Say

Dr. Nasiry is extremely pleasant, professional and informative. Her procedure explanations put me at ease. I had my first implant done on a molar and was scared beyond recognition. The procedure went smoothly, my mouth healed wonderfully and I completely entrust the doctor and her staff to take care of my future procedures!

– Mechelle V.

4.8/5 with 171 reviews


Was not paid to do this. I am a real patient of LA dental and I had to congratulate them on how easy going yet professional the whole experience was. Even got a follow up and video consultation for Invisalign texted directly to my phone after leaving. Great and personable staff I am floored.


Yay! I’m done with the Invisalign treatment, now just waiting for the retainers! I highly recommend LA DENTAL. I truly appreciate the fabulous caring and thoughtful staff for going above and beyond their call of duty before and even in the midst of this pandemic. I am always treated with the utmost respect and much care. Exceptional dentistry. Thank you so much!


4/5 with 146 reviews

Matthew A.

Dr. Azy and Arezoo Nasiry are the dentists with the most integrity, which is very hard to find nowadays. I have been taken care of throughout my Invisalign treatment. They are genuinely caring and are the definition of service with a smile…the doctors, hygienists, and front desk employees all do 
a good job at ensuring that you are taken care of.

Don’t know which one is right for you? We can help you decide – and save too!

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What Do You Want To Know About Dental Implants?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, but otherwise have healthy gums and overall good oral health, you’re probably a good candidate for dental implants.

A dental implant and a crown can replace a missing tooth in a very natural way. If you’re missing several teeth, you may want to consider dental implants with a bridge as a way to hold loose dentures in place more securely.

Even if you’re already wearing dentures, adding two or four dental implants can make the dentures (especially lower dentures) substantially tighter so that they won’t move around while you’re eating or speaking.

Even if you have a medical condition or need to take medication, you can usually still get implants. However, there are still some things to keep in mind, such as:

Gum Health

Since the dental implant has to be anchored into the gum tissue and jawbone, people who have extensive gingivitis or gum disease have to receive treatment before their dental implant procedure. If the gum disease is especially severe, bone augmentation or bone replacement might be necessary.

Immune System

The dental implant procedure involves cutting out gum tissue as well as drilling into the jawbones. That’s why a person’s ability to heal properly is part of the criteria for selecting good candidates for dental implants. For example, individuals with a weakened immune system (i.e. those with HIV or taking immunosuppressants) may struggle to heal their wounds after the procedure, which can lead to higher likelihood of infection.


The lifestyle of some patients may also make it more difficult for them to recover from a dental implant procedure. People who regularly drink a lot of alcohol or smoke heavily, for example, could have weakened immune systems that would slow down the recovery process.


People who are being medicated for strokes and high blood pressure may be taking anticoagulants, which can reduce the body’s natural ability to stop bleeding. That’s why it’s very important for patients who are undergoing the dental implant procedure to let their dentist know what medications they’re taking.

Bleeding Tendencies

People with hypertension or haemophilia are susceptible to bleeding, so any invasive procedure could be potentially fatal. In these cases, special arrangements must be made for the procedure to be performed in a facility where emergency treatments are readily available.

The amount of time required for an implant to become fully integrated into the bone is a hotly debated topic. As a result, there’s a lot of variation in the amount of time that practitioners set aside for the implant to heal before placing a restoration on it.

In general, practitioners allow 2–6 months for healing, but some studies show that early placement of a crown on an implant may not increase the risk of complications. Here at LA Dental, we always choose to be cautious and give our patients plenty of time to heal.

Dental implants aren’t all the same!

For example, there are one-piece and two-piece implants, and different kinds of implant materials like metal or ceramic, but they all work to provide you with teeth that are both structurally supportive and functionally effective.

When you visit us for your consultation, we’ll talk to you about the options you have and explain why we’re recommending a certain type of implant structure or material for your procedure.

People often use the term “dental implant” to refer to the combined implant screw and dental crown (the part that looks like a tooth), but they’re technically two different pieces that can be made out of different materials.

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