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Broken & Missing Teeth

Whether it’s from tooth decay, an accident, or something else entirely, losing one or more teeth is life-changing - and not in a good way. But with our restorative dentistry solutions, life with an incomplete smile will be a thing of the past.

Popular solutions for misaligned teeth

Misaligned Teeth

It’s the 21st century and you live in Los Angeles - if you feel self-conscious about your teeth being crooked, doing something about it has never been simpler, faster, and more comfortable.

Mouth Pain

When you’re dealing with an infection, exposed nerve, or impacted teeth, you need a real solution, not just temporary relief - and that’s exactly what you’ll get at LA Dental Clinic thanks to our advanced equipment and years of experience.

Checkups & Cleaning

Every beautiful, healthy smile starts with the right oral care routine, and that means coming in every 6 months for checkups and cleaning. We take the time to be gentle and thorough, giving your smile the attention it needs to look and feel great.

Popular solutions for cosmetic flaws

Cosmetic Corrections

A gap here. A chip there. Or a stain that you just can’t get rid of. When you’re dreaming of a flawless, red-carpet-ready smile, those little imperfections feel anything but minor. Cosmetic dentistry makes those flaws vanish, leaving you with a head-turning smile that’s ready for the spotlight.

If you think you’re facing a dental emergency, call us anytime at:

*Pressing situations will be handled immediately by our dentists, while less urgent situations will be resolved the next day.

Dental Emergencies

In a dental emergency, every second matters. That’s why we do our best to prioritize emergency care and deliver fast, effective treatment that can be the difference between saving and losing teeth.

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