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What Is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is a sector of dental procedures that focus entirely on the more intense, surgical aspects of dentistry. At LA Dental Clinic we perform gum surgery, wisdom tooth extractions and bone grafting, in our oral surgery department. However, the term oral surgery can be used to encompass any kind of dental surgery.

We use oral surgery to treat a variety of diseases as well as orthodontic and oral problems. Patients may need oral surgery in conjunction with other procedures such as dental implants or veneers.

Oral surgery can be reconstructive, orthodontic or cosmetic. It is a large area of dentistry that can be used to assist in many different situations.

Types Of Oral Surgery

Gum surgery

Gum surgery, in the most basic sense, involves cutting into the gums to add or remove tissue. There can be gum grafts performed if a patient needs more gum tissue added to their teeth, and excess gum tissue can be removed as well. Gum surgery is often necessary if a patient has severe gum disease as well. Learn more about gum surgery here. 

Wisdom tooth extraction

At LA Dental Clinic, we perform wisdom tooth extractions upon recommendation or request. Getting your wisdom teeth out is a big decision. Sometimes it is necessary and at other times it is a preventative measure. Wisdom tooth removal is very common. Learn more about why they are removed, and how we do it. 

Bone grafting

Bone Grafting is a procedure performed to add bone or help your own body grow new bone in areas of your jaw where bone has resorbed due to disease or areas where there has been a tooth missing for a long time. Bone grafting is less intimidating than it sounds. Sometimes it is necessary when a patient displays signs of bone loss. You can learn more about bone grafting here.

Benefits Of Oral Surgery

There are countless benefits to oral dental surgery. They focus mainly on preventing damage in the future, and repairing existing damage. Getting your wisdom teeth removed, for example, is often a preventative means to protect against infection, crowding and potential misalignment.

Other benefits of oral surgery include:

  • Prevent long term damage
  • Repair existing damage
  • Regain the use of your full mouth
  • Prevent future infection
  • Resolve existing maladies
  • Prevent and repair bone loss

Oral surgery can produce life changing results. It can be done for people of all ages, for a variety of different reasons. Whether you seek oral surgery as a preventative measure, or you suffer from infection or bone loss, it is a permanent way to improve your oral condition.

Oral surgery is a means to a better quality of life for those suffering from infected teeth, gums or bone loss.

What To Expect During And After Your Procedure

What to expect depends largely on what you are having done. However, in general, you can expect to be sedated during all of our oral surgery procedures. You will not feel pain and often, you will not have to be fully under.

You can expect minor bleeding or swelling after your surgery, some may be more extreme than others. Your dentist will prescribe you pain medication if they think it is necessary. You will often have gauze or stitches in your mouth as well. Follow your dentists instructions and do not attempt to remove these items.

Naturally, after oral surgery, eating can be difficult. Be sure to arrange a meal plan for after your procedure, so you are prepared with meals ahead of time.

Oral surgery may seem like a major procedure, however it is very common. Our dentists are extremely experienced and will ensure that your procedure is as seamless as possible. All of the surgeries are performed in house and do not exceed 2 hours.

After your surgery, you will be free to leave the dental office on the same day. Be sure that you have a friend, family member or taxi to drive you, if you are waking up from anaesthetic. Most of the surgeries require the use of anaesthetic, which make patients groggy. You cannot drive after being under general anaesthetic until its effects wear off.

meal plans after oral surgery

Whichever procedure you receive, there are a few basic things you should avoid eating immediately after. You do not have to restrict your eating after your surgery, however you will not be able to chew or eat the foods that you normally do. You should leave around a week of healing time before you try to eat solid foods again. Your dentist may ask that you avoid solid foods until your stitches are removed.

Some meal ideas after oral surgery include:

  • Frozen yogurt (to reduce swelling)
  • Yogurt
  • Smoothies
  • Broth or pureed soup
  • Juice
  • Applesauce
  • Pudding

This time span may be longer, depending on whether or not you have stitches in your mouth. For a more detailed outline of foods that are easy to eat after surgery, visit the page of the surgery you will be having.

It is also a good idea to use ice packs on parts of your mouth that are visibly swollen. Swelling should reduce within 1-3 days after most oral surgeries. If it does not, contact your dentist.

Cost Of Oral Surgery

Gum surgery –  The price largely depends on what you are having done. If you are simply having gum removed or replaced on individual teeth then the price of gum surgery is around $1000-$2000 per tooth. If you have to have your entire gum-line treated after gum disease it can be far more costly. At the most it can cost $10 000.

Wisdom tooth extraction – The price for one wisdom tooth can range from between $150 – $600.  The price depends on many factors including the size of the tooth as well as the position of the tooth. Wisdom teeth are priced individually because some people may only require one tooth be removed.

Bone grafting – Bone grafts can vary depending on the amount of bone that needs to be replaced. At LA Dental Clinic we charge $500-$750 for a bone graft. But be aware that the prices vary depending on individual cases. Bone grafting is often performed with additional services, often implants are needed to prevent future bone loss. Talk with your dentist about the costs of these separate procedures.

Come On In

If you think that you need oral surgery, don’t hesitate to come on in to LA Dental Clinic. Surgery should not be delayed, that can result in infection and permanent damage to your teeth and gums.

Don’t delay when you need surgical attention. You can talk with our dentists for more information on your specific needs.

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