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Save Your “Saving Smile”—The Pearls That Shine, From Another Time…

If you’re 50, nearing or above, then without a doubt many people are indebted to you, for your smile— for having made their days and perhaps… even their lives.

A Smile for Celebrating Awareness

With age people come to harness the lessons from experience. Their words become wiser, their glance sharper and piercing, and their expressions meaningful as well as powerful. Such is especially a case for women since a lot of us have walked our own paths in life by fate, circumstances, and by choice—perhaps as working women, a wife and a mother, a single mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an individual journeying for meaning… and more. We must muster the courage and re-take the reins of our health—dental/oral and otherwise. Celebrate your awareness with more, newer and better smiles.

As women we have seen and experienced natural, fated, and chosen hardships on our roads. Now a lot of us find ourselves having covered half a century. It is at this point that I believe we should consider reflecting on our status for the society and rejuvenate the spirits of all those women who may have let themselves go, thinking that they are too old for life. On the contrary, we must rejoice! And celebrate the heritage of our vision, wisdom, and smiles.

The Heritage of Your Smile

What we have become is a heritage. Our…your glance, having seen through two centuries, intuitive, and hence one of the best judge; your words capable of deeper meaning; and most powerful of all is your smile—the expression that must have pierced through anxious, burdened, pained and broken hearts, with a warmth that must have lifted many people—strangers, and loved ones alike—from the depths of their daily troubles.

There is no reason to let go of our courage to face life head-on as we have done till now, or to re-new it since we can easily dedicate more time to ourselves and our health. You must once again dedicate time and effort in taking care of yourself. Consider visiting your physician, dentist, and eye specialist if not as a necessity to keep yourself healthy and to renew your life with energy and newer dreams, then for your place and importance in society. Perhaps people have ignored it, but we —your comrades in 50’s—know.

Smiling at Comrades

Perhaps there was too much talk about our importance to society? Well we do know what our smiles can do and churn at home too right. Those childish dreams of flashing a smile in front a mirror, or catching that ‘strange’ kid off-guard, star struck, and then confused and somewhat red while staring at our attire or our long (and loud!) chit chats in garden or mall. That would bring in lovely memories.

“It’s a lot of effort going to a dentist, or the physician. We need to settle down” I know, but it may all be worth for the split second that has till now kept saving… days and lives. Come and visit our practice for a consultation to find out the best way to take to care of your smile!

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