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Top Dental Treatments For A Special Occasion

When a special occasion is on the horizon, you want to look your best. Perhaps its a wedding and you don’t want yellow teeth in the picture. Or, maybe you have a gap between your teeth that you want to resolve before a company banquet. Great teeth can give you something makeup or a new haircut can’t give you: confidence when you smile!

When you want to look great, your smile makes a big impact on how attractive you are. Make your teeth pearly white and gorgeous by getting a special occasion dental treatment. Here are the most common cosmetic dental problems and the treatments that can fix them easily and quickly.

The Problem: Stained Teeth

The Solution: Professional Tooth Whitening

While at-home whitening kits do help lighten tooth stains to a degree, professional whitening in your dentist’s office accelerates the process and gives you more dramatic results. When you need to get rid of coffee, tea, and wine stains quickly, going through a professional whitening treatment will give you the results of multiple whitening strips in just one sitting.

The Problem: Minor Gaps & Chips

The Solution: Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is an affordable cosmetic solution that can correct minor imperfections like gaps and chips in your teeth. The procedure is fast, non-invasive, and has little to no recovery time. Your dentist will apply a tooth-colored resin to seal gaps and round out unsightly chips in your teeth. In no time, your teeth will look fantastic!

Problem: Severe Stains, Chips, & Gaps

The Solution: Veneers

Porcelain veneers may take a bit longer than dental bonding, but you can be out and about if you schedule this treatment in advance. In some cases, your teeth may be too badly stained or chipped for dental bonding or tooth whitening to resolve. However, veneers, which are thin porcelain coatings that are placed over your damaged teeth, can improve your teeth’s appearance. They are generally more sturdy and long-lasting than dental bonding, though they do come at a higher cost.

The Problem: Metal Fillings

The Solution: Porcelain Crowns/Ceramic Fillings

If you have any metal fillings or crowns, you can cover them up with new tooth-colored fillings made of porcelain or ceramic. You may have metal fillings in the back of your mouth where they’re unnoticeable. However, any metal fillings in visible areas can affect the look of your smile. Concealing old fillings to have them blend in with the rest of your teeth can dramatically boost your look before your special event.

The Problem: Missing teeth

The Solution: A Snap-On Dental Bridge

If a missing tooth has been nagging at you for quite some time, you have a few options to replace it, like getting dental implants, permanent bridges, or dentures. Unfortunately, the more permanent solution, dental implants, can take months. The quickest option is to get a snap-on dental bridge, which can be molded, fitted, and attached to your mouth to replace missing teeth. This prosthesis has to be removed at night for cleaning like traditional dentures, but it covers a smaller area than your entire mouth.

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If you need a quick cosmetic treatment that will get your teeth looking their best for an upcoming event, let us help. When you get your teeth fixed, you can strut proudly at your next special occasion and laugh out loud!

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