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10 Ways to Fight Bad Breath

10 Unique Ways To Fight Bad Breath

A few hours have passed since your lunch break and you have run out of gum. You try to avoid getting close to anyone, but your co-worker suddenly surprises you and asks you a question while standing in close proximity. As you respond, you notice that your colleague scrunches up his nose in revulsion. Bad breath – is there anything else we fear more in a social situation?

We do our best to keep our breath fresh to avoid embarrassment when we talk to people. However, when you are on the go, you usually do not have a toothbrush on hand. In that case, what can we do to freshen up when we are in a pinch?  

When you are out of gum and out of time to buy a toothbrush, there are 10 natural remedies to fight bad breath that will reset your body to keep you socially secure.

A foreword: practice the basics.

Before we tell you about the alternatives to obtain fresh breath, you should aim to keep up a dental care regimen. That includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day. Proper home care, regular dental checkups, and professional teeth cleanings are the best ways to keep your breath fresh and inviting.

If you find that even after regular dental care that your breath doesn’t smell fresh, it is time to see your doctor. You may have tonsillitis or halitosis, which are both treatable conditions. You may also have a dry mouth or an imbalance of bacteria. Surprisingly, they are usually the effects of an underlying health condition. So it is optimal to get your situation checked out just to be safe.

For the occasional instance where you find yourself not feeling as fresh and you need a quick remedy, follow these 10 unique tips to get your breath sweet-smelling once more:

#1: Drink water.

Did you know that having a dry mouth leads to bad breath? Drinking water has been a remedy for centuries because fresh water washes away bacteria and odorous food particles.

#2: Eat sugarless candy.

Candy, you say? Sugarless candy that won’t contribute to tooth decay and other oral problems can actually stimulate your saliva production, which naturally washes away bacteria and food that sits around your mouth, causing bad breath.

#3: Use nature’s toothbrushes.

If you find yourself out of gum and you are feeling insecure about your breath, go for nature’s toothbrushes- carrots, celery, or an apple. These foods are crispy and fresh which helps your saliva flow, keeping bacteria and food away from your tongue and gums. Apples also have pectin, which fights unpleasant food smells and stimulates your salivary glands.

#4: Eat regularly.

Did you know that fasting or skipping meals makes your breath worse? Having an empty stomach causes stomach acids to build up, which rise to produce bad breath. To avoid this, eat three nutritious meals per day to keep your stomach full.

#5: Herbal remedies.

Parsley, basil, cilantro, and mint are excellent herbs for saving your breath. These fragrant green herbs are packed with chlorophyll, which is a natural breath deodorizer. Chewing fresh versions of these herbs will have maximum effects on your breath.

There are plenty other natural herbs to chew on like  cloves, cinnamon, fennel seeds, and aniseeds. These herbs have antiseptic qualities, fighting bacteria and making your breath smell better.

#6: Love citrus fruits.

Lemons and oranges are breath-saving heroes. You can chew on the rinds of these fruits which will stimulate your salivary glands, washing away odor causing bacteria. Also, chewing on a salted lemon will help kill bacteria and freshen your breath.

#7 Use this DIY mouthwash.

This home remedy consists of a cup of water, one teaspoon baking soda, and a couple drops of peppermint essential oil. Swish this mixture around in your mouth for 30 seconds (do not swallow) for fresh breath.

Baking soda changes the pH level in your mouth to optimal levels that make it a hostile environment for smelly bacteria. Peppermint oil is also antimicrobial.

#8 Eat yogurt.

Active cultures in yogurt help reduce odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. Since bad breath can be rooted in poor digestion, yogurt’s probiotics balance the gut flora to regulate your digestive system.

Balanced Diet#9 Eat a balanced diet.

Eating an unbalanced diet that is void of good carbs will create a substance called ketones. Some ketones get released in your mouth which smell foul. To make sure your body is getting the carbs it needs, grab a banana or heat up a sweet potato as a healthy snack.

#10 Go easy on acidic foods.

Foods and beverages with high amounts of acid can lead to bad breath. Try to reduce the number of acidic beverages like coffee throughout the day to make sure your stomach is not producing odorous acid that will affect your breath.

If you follow these unique fresh breath tips, you will not need to worry about bad breath even without your pack of gum. Using a combination of regular dental care and healthy lifestyle choices, you can be more confident in knowing how to freshen your breath using what is around you.

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