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What Do Dental Implants Cost In Los Angeles?

Wondering about the cost of dental implants? They’re an amazing replacement for missing teeth — but they can be a hefty investment, too. Here’s the simple answer: in Los Angeles, a single dental implant costs between $1500 and $6000. If you’re getting multiple implants, that cost could go up to $60,000.

The amount you pay depends on the provider you go to, what your oral health needs are, and the materials used in your treatment. You’ll also need to consider how financing and insurance can affect your out-of-pocket costs.

It can seem like a lot to take in — but don’t worry, we’ve explained everything here so you can see how all the factors tie into your total treatment cost.

In this article:

  • Why your oral health matters
  • How materials affect pricing
  • The truth about service costs
  • Can insurance help you save?

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How your oral health affects the cost

You might need to have other dental procedures completed before you get your dental implants. If you do, those procedures will increase the price you see on the initial quote or later on as additional charges.

Tooth Removal

If you’re replacing a rotting, decaying, or broken tooth instead of a one that’s already been lost, that tooth will need to be removed. The price varies depending on how difficult the removal is, but at most the procedure costs $400 per tooth.

Bone Grafting

If your jaw doesn’t have enough bone mass, an implant can’t securely fuse with it and will eventually fail. Bone grafting solves that problem by adding natural or artificial bone to your jaw so it can support dental implants, and costs between $200 – $1000 per area.

Gum Disease

Mild gum disease (periodontitis) won’t prevent you from getting a dental implant, but severe gum disease usually will. You’ll need to receive treatment which ranges from $1700-$8000 to bring the gum disease back to a manageable level before any dental implants can be placed.

Different implants, different prices

First, let’s start with a little bit of a refresher: when people say “dental implant” they usually think of a visible replacement tooth, but in the context of the actual procedure, that’s not 100% accurate.

When you receive a dental implant, there are at least two pieces involved:

  • An implant post that’s embedded in your jaw bone
  • A dental crown that attaches to the implant post

The implant post

Implant posts are the “root” of a replacement tooth, and they aren’t all the same. They come in one, two, and even three-piece structures, and are made from a variety of materials as well.

In nearly all cases, you won’t get to choose whether you receive a single or multi-piece implant post — that’ll be determined by your dentist based on the type of implants they’re familiar with as well as your health needs.

We’ve mentioned this as a factor since it can affect how much you pay, but it generally doesn’t have a big impact. Instead, it’s the material of your implant post that’s usually more significant.

Traditionally, implant posts have been made out of titanium since it’s tough and lightweight, but there are also implant posts made from zirconia (a type of ceramic). Here in Los Angeles, they’ve become a popular option for patients and dentists who have concerns about the long-term effects of putting metal into the body.

Keep in mind: zirconia takes more work to prepare, so the cost for zirconia implant posts tends to be several hundred dollars higher than comparable titanium ones.

The implant crown

A crown is the visible “tooth” part of a dental implant. Dental crowns in Los Angeles can cost between $500-$3,000 per tooth, with the price changing based on the quality of the crown, the tooth type, and its material.

Like implant posts, crowns come in a variety of materials like porcelain, zirconia, gold, silver, and other metal alloys, and your choice will affect the price you pay.

Larger dental crowns, like the ones that replace teeth near the back of your mouth, typically cost more than smaller crowns because they use more material and take more time to refine.

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Service costs: what are you really paying for?

This is one of the trickiest areas to navigate as you’re comparing your options for dental implants. Some dental offices have clear itemized billing, while others “roll up” the cost of services like scans, exams, and appointments into the overall cost of a treatment.

To make things even more complicated, there can be a range in how much seemingly identical services cost between two dental offices. For example, you might be quoted $100 for x-rays at one office, but receive a quote of $200 for x-rays at another office.

While it might seem like markup that just exists as a cash grab, it usually isn’t. Here’s what’s actually happening:

Dental equipment varies in quality

You probably won’t notice during your regular checkups, but the technology and equipment in dentistry does change (and improve!) over time, and that’s especially true for scanning and imaging technology.

While older technology can “still get the job done”, newer versions of it often mean a quicker, safer, and less-invasive treatment. With today’s detailed digital scans, some dentists even use 3D-printed surgical guides to precisely control every aspect of the dental implant placement.

Of course, that newer technology comes at a cost, and it’s usually reflected in how much you’re charged. This is one reason why what looks like the same scan on paper can end up costing you different amounts between dental offices.

The other reason is that…

Premium service comes with a premium price

Finally, there’s the “positioning” of the dental office. Some dentists focus more on no-frills value, while others go above and beyond to create a luxurious experience where the level of quality is a step up in everything from the materials to the ambience.

Naturally, you won’t be told outright that pricing is being raised or lowered by the positioning of a dental office, but you’ll get a sense of it when you visit.

One isn’t necessarily better than the other — it’s just a matter of what’s important to you as a patient. For some, budget is the number one factor, while for others it’s something that needs to be balanced with comfort.


Can you lower your dental implant cost with insurance?

You can, but it isn’t always straightforward, easy, or even worth the higher monthly premiums. There are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to insurance and dental implants:

Not all dental insurance plans cover implants

Many dental insurance plans don’t include dental implants, and even if yours does, you should be careful about what your maximum coverage amount is. Typically, that coverage amount is only going to account for 25% to 50% of your total cost.

That’s naturally better than no coverage at all, but it’s still something to think about when you’re figuring out how much you’ll need to pay.

Getting insurance afterwards might not help

If you’ve already lost one or more teeth, but don’t currently have coverage for dental implants, upgrading to a plan with coverage might not help.

Plans often don’t cover preexisting conditions, so you wouldn’t be able to successfully submit a claim for dental implants to replace teeth you were already missing.

The perfect insurance plan doesn’t exist (yet)

This might change since new plans are regularly introduced on the market, but – for now – there simply isn’t a dental insurance plan which has high maximum coverage amounts, low premiums, and no restrictions on preexisting conditions.

The Recap

So, as we wrap up this article, let’s review the main points:

  • Dental implants in Los Angeles cost between $1500 to $6000 for a single implant
  • You’ll pay more if you need teeth removal, bone grafting, or gum disease treatment
  • The type of implant and material its made from will affect how much it costs
  • Service costs are unavoidable, but you have some control over them
  • Dental insurance can help you save with the right provider and coverage

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By the end, you’ll know exactly what you need to pay, and exactly what you’re paying for.

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