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5 Signs You May Need A Root Canal

There may be a time when one or some of your teeth may get in bad shape. This can be due to negligent personal care or an injury. If your tooth has become infected, you don’t have to give up and accept it as a loss.
A root canal can save your infected tooth and prevent it from falling out. Saving your natural tooth is a more affordable option over getting an artificial tooth. You will also have less downtime and recover faster compared to getting artificial teeth. But how do you know you need a root canal? Here are 5 signs that you should get one.

1. Your Tooth Hurts.

If your tooth hurts, it’s probably infected or decaying. This means that the inside of your tooth has gone bad. Bacteria has spread throughout the tooth’s inner pulp, causing pain. Your tooth is, in fact, a living bone with nerves that send signals of pain to your brain and connective tissue that keep it fused with your jaw bone. When the inside of your tooth gets infected, you’ll feel these symptoms:

  • A throbbing toothache that won’t quit
  • Pain in your jawbone, neck, and even ears
  • Sensitive teeth

If your infection is left untreated, you will eventually experience these symptoms, which mean you need to get medical attention immediately:

  • Fever
  • An abscess rupture
  • Swelling in your face and lymph nodes
  • Trouble breathing
  • Trouble swallowing

These symptoms mean that the infection has progressed from your tooth to other parts of your body. This can be dangerous to your health and even threaten your life. Before a tooth infection spreads to the rest of your body, please come see your dentist to get it treated. Not only can you save your tooth, but you can also save your life.

2. You Have An Untreated Cavity.

A cavity leaves your tooth open to bacteria breaches. This can lead to an infection inside the pulp of your tooth, which can reach your roots and gums. When left untreated, your tooth has a door wide open to infections. Getting a filling or crown can help you avoid the risk of tooth loss or an abscess rupture.

3. You Have An Untreated Injury.

A crack or chip in your tooth needs to be treated before bacteria can enter your tooth. If you leave it alone too long, just like with a cavity, an infection can develop which will lead to the inside of your tooth becoming inflamed. As soon as you experience a tooth injury, contact your dentist to get a filling or dental bonding treatment to prevent any future infections.

4. You’ve Had Repeated Dental Procedures On The Same Tooth.

A tooth that has been operated on several times is more likely to need a root canal than a tooth that has never undergone an operation. These operations include:

  • Fillings, both large and small
  • Filling removal to perform a root canal
  • A cracked or chipped tooth that has been repaired

The more a tooth is “disturbed”, the more chances there are of a dangerous bacteria breach. However, if you regularly get check-ups, any problems can be detected early and prevented from becoming an infection.

Root Canals In Los Angeles

The only way to prevent serious health problems or tooth loss is to get regular dental check-ups. If you’ve been experiencing pain in your tooth or want to know if your teeth are in need of a root canal, schedule a consultation today.

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