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6 month braces

What Are 6 Month Braces?

Not every patient needs long-term braces. If you’re 16 and up and only have minor orthodontic issues, you may qualify for one of the most popular options for adult braces: 6-month braces.

This treatment plan is excellent for anyone without bite issues and who doesn’t need lengthy interventions to correct their smile. 6-month braces, also known as Six Month Smiles®, is a braces option that has a shorter treatment course than typical braces. If you need to correct crooked teeth but don’t like the idea of the long commitment, then 6-month braces may be the treatment that’s right for your lifestyle and needs.

How is it possible to get straight teeth in just six months? Read on to find out.

What Are 6-Month Braces?

Basically, the six-month method takes all the efficient aspects of braces treatment and converts them into a modern cosmetic solution that makes sense with today’s fast-paced lifestyles. As a result, treatments are significantly shorter than traditional braces, lasting 6 months on average. Here are some key characteristics of the treatment program:

  • It’s suited for adults and teens aged 16 and up
  • It’s made to treat crooked or gapped teeth that don’t’ have bite problems.
  • Clear brackets contain patented technology and look to give you discreet braces
  • Tooth-colored wires make it harder to see your braces
  • Places gentle pressure on teeth to minimize pain and discomfort during treatment
  • Increased comfort, hygiene, and safety compared to long-term braces
  • Generally more affordable than traditional braces, Invisalign, or veneers

If you think about it, half a year flies by pretty quickly. If you qualify for this treatment plan, you’ll be on the fast track to great-looking teeth without obvious-looking brackets or long-term wear.

So How Does This Treatment Actually Work?

Six month braces uses barely-noticeable braces to focus on the teeth you’re most concerned about. For example, when you open your mouth and smile, which ones make you feel the most self-conscious? Those are the teeth that your dentist will target during this 6-month therapy. Your dentist will put clear brackets and tooth-colored wires on your teeth to gently shape them into perfect alignment.
The reason why this treatment is fast is that it doesn’t necessarily focus on your bite. Instead, it addresses your teeth’s cosmetic appearances only. Therefore, if you have any of these bite conditions, 6-month braces may not be right for you.

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite

You’ll only be sure if this kind of treatment is the one for you after you get a professional consultation with your dentist.

How Do 6 Month Braces Work?

Just like with traditional braces, your braces will be tightened during regular visits to your dentist’s office. You’ll notice that the treatment is far less complicated than traditional treatments.

There’s no headgear, tooth extractions, expanders, or other invasive gear or operations to make the treatment longer. This means that for you to qualify for 6-month braces, your teeth should only be in need of moderate to minimal cosmetic care. In other words, you shouldn’t need to create space in your mouth or adjust your jaw to fix an incorrect bite.

In essence, the treatment is simpler and more streamlined than a longer treatment course that involves more specialized interventions to fix multiple issues. Since there are fewer risks due to no tooth extractions, there’s less room for error and complications.

After your braces are off and your teeth are aligned, you’ll need to wear a retainer. For the best results, you need to strictly follow the directions you’re given after your braces are off. It takes a while for your teeth to stabilize and “set” after the brackets and wires are gone. Be sure to not skimp on this step as it’s the most important one that protects your investment and makes the results lasting and permanent.

Explore 6-Month Braces

If you’re interested in this faster treatment option – or if you’re just wondering whether it’s the right time to get braces – come in for a free consultation. We’ll examine your teeth and let you know if this accelerated braces plan is going to meet your cosmetic needs. To find out more about 6-month braces and all the other dental services we offer, contact us.

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