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Invisalign vs. Byte: Which One To Choose?

If you’re planning to straighten your smile, you have two popular options: Invisalign orthodontic aligners or direct-to-consumer systems like Byte or Smile Direct. While Invisalign is fitted and delivered by your dentist, Byte is manufactured in an off-site lab and shipped to your door.

What’s the difference between Byte and Invisalign, and is one better than the other? You might be surprised!

What is Byte?

Byte is a mail-order DIY orthodontic system that uses a limited series of clear aligners to straighten your teeth, with no dentist visits required. Instead, you take your impressions and mail them back to Byte labs, where your custom aligners are created and shipped back to your door. 

Byte comes in an “all day” or “at night only” option, so you can straighten your teeth in the daytime or while you’re sleeping. This is the first difference with Invisalign, which recommends the same aligners for day & night.  

Does Byte Work?

If you’re looking for a cheap Invisalign alternative, transparent aligner brands like Byte will appear on your radar. But does Byte work? Yes and no. Sure, it will work if there are only minor tooth issues, such as minor orthodontic relapse or a few slightly crooked front teeth. But no, it won’t work as far as a comprehensive orthodontic treatment goes. It’s more for cosmetic purposes than improving your overall bite’s health and function. 

And let’s not forget how difficult it can be to take accurate dental impressions. It’s more challenging than most people realize!

Can I Expect Results With Byte? 

Byte is considered a “fast” or “accelerated” orthodontic system that’s only worn for about 2-6 months. It’s more limited in what it can do. You’ll notice most of the changes in your more prominently visible teeth, like the ones at the front of your mouth. But it won’t work as a comprehensive orthodontic overhaul that addresses overall bite alignment, crossbites in your molars, or TMJ issues, just to name a few. 

Yes, you can see some cosmetic results with Byte. But they will be significantly limited compared to a system like Invisalign

Is Byte a Waste of Money?

Like many other mail-order clear aligners, the price of Byte is lower than what you typically spend on braces or Invisalign. According to their website (2022), a treatment with Byte costs $1,895. Even though you might feel like you’re saving money, that’s open to debate. If you have moderate to more severe orthodontic concerns or TMJ issues, then yes, Byte will be a waste of money. But if you know that you only have a minor orthodontic relapse, well, there’s a chance that Byte could work for what you need. But you won’t know until you try it. If you’re unhappy with the results, you’ll still need to see a dentist to control your dental occlusion, which will come at an additional fee. 

Do Dentists Recommend Byte? 

Most dentists and nearly all orthodontists recommend seeing someone in person for your treatment. And it’s not because of the money. When you make your impressions and get orthodontic appliances from someone who never sees you in person, there’s a much higher risk of complications and less-than-desirable results. 

The extra investment in Invisalign will ensure better treatment results, professional supervision, adjustments, and answers for even more complicated tooth alignment cases!

Pros and Cons of Invisalign

Invisalign is the original developer of clear aligner orthodontics, with over 20 years of data and technology backing their product. Most importantly, Invisalign Los Angeles is effective for complicated cases involving significant crowding and tooth misalignment. You can’t get that with a mail-order option like Byte braces.

Some people feel that the cost of Invisalign is too high. While that may have been the case when clear aligners initially came out on the market, the price of Invisalign in Los Angeles today is pretty competitive with that of traditional braces systems. 

Invisalign is Better for Most Patients

Investing in Invisalign gives you all of the perks of a removable, invisible orthodontic treatment, plus the proven results you’re looking for. If adjustments are needed mid-treatment, our LA Dental Clinic team in Los Angeles will spot them early and make changes to your case, bypassing the risk of treatment delays or complications. 

Whether you’re hoping to adjust minor issues in your smile or have significant bite misalignments, the 3D technology and orthodontic mapping of Invisalign have allowed hundreds of thousands of completed cases worldwide. That’s more than any other clear orthodontic system. 

Why See a Dentist or Orthodontist?

The lure of a DIY impression kit and mail-order orthodontic aligners—especially at an appealing price point—can be enough for many people to choose this option vs. seeing a licensed dental professional. Unfortunately, it also lacks the supervision and expertise that influence your treatment results, timeframe, and how effective your aligners are. Not to mention you won’t have access to your orthodontic provider during an emergency. 

For better results and a more predictable treatment experience, it’s always best to see a dentist or orthodontist in person. Their professional supervision will ensure you get the outcome you’re looking for and the peace of mind you need. 

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