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Cosmetic Dentistry: Bringing You The Celebrity Smile

Going to the dentist may not always be due to some medical problem. With the branch of cosmetic dentistry increasing day by day, people have been seeking out dentists just to make their teeth look better. 3 out of 4 people in the world have misaligned teeth. This number alone is testament enough to the recent popularity of cosmetic dentistry.

A smile is a large part of your personality and goes a long way in determining they in which people perceive you. Cosmetic dental procedures can not only make you look better but also boost your confidence and increase your self esteem.

Popular cosmetic dental procedures include:

Teeth Whitening

This is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure today. It has become so popular in fact that people have adapted a DIY approach to it.  The results however are not comparative to the dentist who does so in a professional setting. The teeth are bleached with direct contact with a whitening agent.


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Fillings for lost teeth have also come a long way from their initial stages when metal fillings were required to fill in gaps. Nowadays resin or hard plastic can be used to do the job. These materials such as porcelain are better able to mimic the reflective patterns of natural teeth. Since they also bond to natural teeth they entail lesser work since most of the natural tooth is still preserved.


Dentures are another method used in cosmetic dentistry in order to replace lost teeth. Although they are known to be effective, they have their own associated problems. Since they rely on existing teeth and gums for support, they can have harmful effects such as tooth decay, periodontal disease or bone loss. Relining the dentures every few years can however help prevent these issues.

Dental Implants

This tooth replacement procedure proceeds into the roots of the tooth in order to provide support to adjacent teeth. Dental implants are considered to be permanent because of their longevity. Since they are also made from resin or porcelain which mimics natural properties they cannot be told apart. His has made them the number one choice of procedure when t come sot tooth replacement.


The street name of orthodontics which is ‘braces’ is more easily recognizable. Braces are typically used for children and may last up to 3 years. Braces are used in order to correct misaligned teeth. They assert pressure on the teeth causing them to loosen and move into place.

Adults are more hesitant to opt for braces since they need to be worn for 3 years. Newer options such as the 6 months smile however allow adults to correct their teeth in a short duration such as six months. The procedures are not noticeable because of the use of invisible braces.


Tooth bonding is the process in which the dentist attaches a material directly onto the surface of a tooth. Mostly used in order to correct chipped teeth bonding is done suing porcelain or composite resin that will imitate the natural tooth structure.

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way since its beginnings. Not only is it less invasive but also less noticeable today. This is a relief for many who are self conscious about their image. This issue is more noticeably found in adults who opt for invisible braces or 6 month smiles to correct their teeth with minimal issues. Come and visit our practice for a consultation to find out the best way to take to care of your smile!

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