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Easy Ways Your Dentist Can Help Change Your Smile!

In today’s world, having a perfect smile matters a lot, and in a style-obsessed city like Los Angeles, smile makeovers are always trendy. If you are worried about your deteriorating dental conditions or you are self-conscious about your smile, modern cosmetic dentistry can help you in achieving the look you desire.

What Causes These Changes To My Teeth?

  • It is natural for teeth to change with age.
  • Chipping or cracking is due to accidents or injuries.
  • Discoloration and staining is caused due to smoking, coffee, tea or fizzy drinks.
  • Prolonged use of antibiotics can cause permanent discoloration.
  • Family inherited traits can define the shape/alignment of your teeth.
  • Previous made dental fixtures have eroded or chipped.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help Me?

Porcelain Veneers

A porcelain veneer is generally a porcelain shell that is matched to the color of your adjacent teeth. Veneers are chosen to repair discolored, chipped, or slightly misaligned teeth.

To install the veneer, the dentist would firstly take a slight layer off your tooth. Then imprints are taken to create the perfect match. At your next visit the dentist would cement the shell to your tooth after matching the color.

Porcelain veneers might seem like an expensive option. Their durability and the possibility to last for decades make the investment worth it.

Approximate cost: $750 – $1300 (per tooth)

Bonding (Resin)

Compared to porcelain veneers bonding is a comparatively less expensive procedure to fix small irregularities. It involves etching your tooth after which a bonding liquid is applied. Upon shining a special light this bonding liquid hardens.

Then a putty-like resin compound is molded to best match the shape of the tooth. This is then placed on the tooth and the light is shined again to harden it. To finish off the mold is filed and polished to perfection.

Contrary to porcelain veneers this procedure is relatively inexpensive and can be repaired easily.

Approximate cost: $300 – $500 (per tooth)

Tooth Colored Composite Fillings

Earlier, silver was used to repair defective fillings and teeth cavities. Composite fillings are also made of a Resin material which hardens when exposed to a special light. After removing decay or an old filling, your dentist will place the fillings where needed.

They can also be used to protect sensitive or exposed root surfaces.

Approximate cost: $100 – $250 (depending on the filling)


For those of you who have experienced professional bleaching but were unsatisfied, bleaching is a great option. It should be performed by a qualified dentist to ensure safety.

It involves getting an impression of your teeth, after which a custom-made tray is designed for your teeth. This tray holds the bleaching liquid close to your teeth so it doesn’t come in contact with your gums. After getting the perfect size your dentist would advise you on how often and how long you should use the bleaching tray.

Exceptional whitening shades can be achieved within a period of one to two weeks.

Approximate cost: $300 – $500

Your smile can be altered to perfection with just a few visits to the dentist. Having the perfect smile can help you gain confidence and buoyancy. This allows you to be yourself when you talk to others. For more information, come and visit our practice for a consultation to find out the best way to take to care of your smile.

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