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Dental Trends In Los Angeles

It seems that there have been so many advancements in technology that have affected nearly every aspect of our lives. Just as there are trends in fashion and technology, some distinct changes in dental procedures have taken hold in the past decade. Los Angeles is one of the many places in the USA where dental care is a top priority.

Overall, patients are looking for more convenient and effective procedures that will address their needs in an efficient way. Today’s patient is flooded with options for cosmetic and dental options, so they have high expectations.

Gone are the days where if you lost a tooth then you’d have to wear dentures, or when poorly stained teeth would remain perpetually yellow. The array of solutions that you can access today in the dental world is amazing. Here are the current dental trends in Los Angeles.

Trend #1: It’s got to be non-invasive.

Non-invasive procedures have been taking center stage in dental trends for a while, especially in the past 5 years. Anything that doesn’t involve surgery, extensive recovery times and outpatient procedures is highly desirable.

In this busy city, it only makes sense that patients want treatments to be fast with a low recovery time, and the dental industry has kept up with these lifestyle needs.

Even orthodontic procedures like braces are being requested in non-invasive forms such as Invisalign. Though veneers look fantastic, the multi-step procedure and removal of enamel are encouraging more patients to try dental bonding as a quicker and less obtrusive procedure.

Today, patients want to avoid any discomfort, downtime, long procedures, or dramatic changes in their daily lives. This means that if they can avoid traditional treatments in exchange for modern, more practical ones, they will.

Trend #2: Let it be quick.

Not only do patients want their procedures to be non-invasive and painless, they also want things to be done quickly and with little to no downtime. Dentists are keenly aware that their patients lead busy lives, whether they’re running their business or working on set. They too are very busy and work efficiently to keep every patient visit on schedule and to avoid wait times.

Though in some cases it’s not possible, (you don’t ever want to rush the dentist, especially in longer treatments) advancements have made it possible for patients to be in and out of the office in one afternoon for countless procedures.

For example, the need for expedience has pushed treatments like dental bonding and teeth whitening to become more advanced. Technology has taken over dental care and it makes common procedures much faster. Many procedures nowadays can be performed by lasers. These help speed the dental cleaning process and can be used to remove tartar. They can also be used in more extensive procedures like gum removal and soft tissue treatments.

What used to take days or hours now takes an hour at most. In fact, a great deal of research has been conducted to make many dental procedures more convenient for the busy schedules of today’s patient.

Trend # 3: Everything should look, act, and feel like the real thing

As we mentioned before, the days of dentures are quickly waning. With newer treatments like dental implants being mainstream, the decision to spend a bit more on something that looks and functions just like your old teeth is very popular in LA.

Dentures can slip and fall off at unexpected times. Meanwhile, they’re a pain to clean and maintain at the end of the day. However dental implants are made up of a synthetic root that is naturally fused into your bone, which is topped with a natural-looking crown.

After an installment and recovery period, dental implants literally become your second set of adult teeth that require no removal or soaking at night. They also keep your jaw strong by preventing bone loss.

In addition, porcelain crowns and composite resin fillings can conceal cavities on the top and sides of your teeth, making it difficult to tell if you ever received treatment. Interventions that act like your natural teeth and blend with the rest of your mouth are highly desirable and will only continue to increase in popularity as they become easier to access.

For those of us with busy schedules and careers in the spotlight, it’s an asset to look put together and ready to go at all times. This is why veneers and dental bonding have become very popular treatments in LA. They hide major flaws in your teeth or severe discoloration, so you can have the perfect smile 24/7.

Tooth whitening is equally popular, and it is a good way to maintain the appearance of your teeth if you are already satisfied with how they look.

Trend #4: 3D Dentistry!

Since everything is becoming digital, it’s not shocking that technology of this nature has reached the dental world. What is 3D Dentistry exactly? Overall, it means that your dentist can obtain 3D data on your teeth.

For example, your dentist can scan your teeth with a machine called a CBCT, which is also known as a cone beam computed tomography machine. This device allows dentists to look at your mouth on a 3D scale. Undetected problems can be better diagnosed because the data received in 3D imaging surpasses what you can get from an X-Ray.

For example, 3D imaging can help dentists better measure the jaw, pinpoint the exact location for a dental implant. It can also properly diagnose wisdom tooth problems, all while reducing your exposure to radiation that would come from x-rays. There’s also little to no wait time for the results of a CBCT scan.

Dentists can also focus in on a specific area of the mouth. Instead of having to take an x-ray of your entire mouth. For example, if you need a root canal and only a specific area your mouth is in question, then your dentist can enhance that one area to get a good idea of what to do. In short, 3D dentistry is the way of the future and an excellent way to safely diagnose dental problems.

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