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3 Dental Treatments to Transform Your Smile

3 Dental Treatments to Transform your Smile

Your smile plays a major role in helping you look and feel your best. Smile imperfections can impact both your confidence, mental health, and physical health. They affect how you act, speak, chew, and keep your teeth clean. 

Especially here in Los Angeles, smile makeovers are always among the most popular aesthetic treatments people look for. There are many different dental treatments to transform your smile. Whether you are missing teeth, have tooth misalignment, or are concerned with the appearance of your smile, there are dental treatments available to help. 

There are three important dental treatments that can make a significant difference in a short period of time. These include Invisalign clear aligners, dental implants, and veneers. 

1) Invisalign

Invisalign is an orthodontic dental treatment that focuses on tooth alignment. It is an excellent option for patients with mild to moderate tooth misalignment. Invisalign is known for its clear aligners, a system of tooth alignment which does not affect the external appearance of your teeth like braces do. Invisalign is comfortable to wear, nearly invisible to the eye, and removable, so you are able to clean your teeth and eat the foods you like. 

How This Dental Treatment Works 

Invisalign clear aligners are custom-fitted to your teeth, Invisalign is one of the main dental treatments that can have dramatic and transformative results. They work by putting pressure on the teeth and slowly moving them into place. Every few weeks you will switch to a new set of aligners that are slightly tighter to shift the teeth further into alignment. 

The process is relatively similar to braces but without any visible metal. The aligners can be removed to clean your teeth or eat but should be worn at least 22h/day to be effective. 

Procedure Overview 

Invisalign treatment can last anywhere between 6-24 months. The process starts with a consultation. Your dentist will assess your smile and your unique bite and develop a treatment plan based on the results you would like to see. 

Your dentist will then take a 3D mold of your mouth so that your Invisalign aligners fit your bite perfectly. The models are then sent to the Invisalign labs where a rendering software is used to create a personalized treatment plan. The Invisalign software uses AI and computer rendering to create a projection of your tooth movement in the duration of your treatment. Your Invisalign clear aligners are then molded based on these models and sent to your dentist. 

Your aligners should fit tightly to your teeth. You will be required to wear them for at least 22h/day and switch them to a new set every 2-4 weeks. Your dentist will provide you with the aligners you’ll need between visits. 

The Results 

Once your treatment is finished you can expect a beautiful, straighter smile. Invisalign is an excellent way to transform your smile while also staying comfortable. This orthodontic treatment is nearly invisible and it can be removed for proper cleaning and eating. Learn more about how Invisalign can straighten your smile in our Invisalign page. 

2) Dental Implants  

Dental implants are a procedure within the realm of restorative dentistry. These dental treatments are a means of tooth replacement and they are the closest thing dental technology has to a real tooth. Dental implants come in many different shapes and sizes, however, they are meant to replace one or more missing teeth for patients who have experienced tooth loss. 

How This Dental Treatment Works 

Dental implants are designed like a real tooth. They consist of 3 parts – a screw, abutment, and a crown. The screw is generally made out of titanium which is incredibly strong and designed to mimic a tooth’s real root. 

The screw keeps the implant in place and allows the patient to eat and chew. The abutment sits on top of the screw and keeps it covered while providing a base for the dental crown. A crown sits securely on top of the abutment and will match your neighboring teeth in color and appearance. The 3 parts work together to give you the power to bite, chew, and smile with ease. 

Procedure Overview

The dental implant procedure is generally done in 3 parts. These consist of x-rays and possible bone grafting, implant surgery, and lastly placing dental crowns. 

During a consultation, your dentist will take x-rays and impressions of your teeth. If the tooth has been missing for some time, the x-rays will determine whether or not a patient needs bone grafting before the procedure can take place. If bone grafting is needed a patient should allow 3-4 months to heal before implant surgery can proceed. 

After your consultation, assessment, and bone grafting (if required) your dentist can place the dental implants into your jaw. After sedation, the titanium screw will be placed deep within the jaw and stitched up to allow healing. The procedure takes an average of 2h. Once the implant is placed, the area must heal before the crown can be placed. The jaw bone slowly grows and connects with the titanium to create a secure bond. 

Recovery time can vary for patients but in general, after 4-6 months you will be ready for your dental crowns. The crowns are placed on top of the abutment on the implant and bonded securely in position. After this procedure, you will be ready to eat, chew, and smile again.  

The Results 

Whether you just have one implant or several, the results are noticeable. You will have the renewed ability to eat what you want, without worrying about losing your prosthetic tooth. You can smile and the implant will look like a natural tooth, filling any gaps from before. 

Dental implants help patients renew their confidence while also giving them full use of their mouth. The implant will truly look, feel, and act as a natural tooth. Dental implants are also very long-lasting and when properly maintained, can last for up to 20 years. 

3) Veneers 

Veneers are a treatment used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the exterior appearance of your teeth. These dental treatments improve the overall aesthetic look of your smile. These dental treatments can also improve the color, size, and length of your teeth, and conceal gaps in your teeth as well as minor misalignment. 

How This Dental Treatment Works 

Veneers are generally made out of porcelain or composite resin. They can match your desired tooth color, size, and shape. Veneers are securely bonded to the front exterior of your teeth and they are a permanent cosmetic procedure. They are similar to crowns, except they only cover the front and bottom of the teeth. They can be seen when you smile and create a beautiful, aesthetic look. 

Procedure Overview

The first step to getting veneers will be a consultation with your dentist. Your dentist will determine a treatment plan based on your goals. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to ensure the veneers are fitted correctly. The dental clinic will then send the imprints of your teeth off to a dental laboratory, where the veneers will be custom designed. 

Once your veneers are ready, your dentist will prepare your existing teeth for placement. They will numb the area and provide any additional sedation needed. Your dentist will file off a small portion of the tooth enamel to make room for the veneer. 

The veneers are then placed securely and permanently to the teeth with a special type of dental bonding. 

The Results 

Dental veneers will look and feel like your natural teeth. They can correct the color of your smile, fill any small gaps, and change the shape of your teeth. With proper care, veneers can last for 10-20 years. Learn more about how veneers can completely transform your smile

Visit LA Dental Clinic to Transform your Smile 

At LA Dental Clinic, we have the opportunity to transform smiles every day with a variety of dental treatments. Invisalign, Implants, and Veneers are all services which we offer in our Los Angeles location and although these dental treatments vary greatly, they all have the ability to change the appearance of your smile. 

If you are interested in one or more of these dental treatments, contact LA Dental Clinic today and schedule an appointment. Our knowledgeable team would be happy to help answer any questions you may have, and determine which dental treatments will help to get you the results you are looking to achieve.


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