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how much is tooth whitening in los angeles

How Much Is Tooth Whitening In Los Angeles?

We are proud to offer tooth whitening services in Los Angeles and the Greater Los Angeles area. Tooth whitening is an incredibly popular service and it can dramatically improve the look of your smile in a short period of time. The price of tooth whitening can vary, but in Los Angeles, tooth whitening costs between $100-$500 per treatment. The total cost largely depends on the number of treatments needed to achieve the desired new tooth shade. 

How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Teeth become deep yellow or grey over time. Whether it is simply the result of age, illness, tobacco use or coffee drinking, there are many different factors that can cause your teeth to appear stained. When a tooth cleaning isn’t enough to remove stains, tooth whitening is incredibly useful. 


Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that works to remove both surface stains, as well as deep stains beyond the tooth enamel. There are many different types of tooth whitening treatment, each works differently to achieve the same end result, a whiter smile.  


It can be achieved with the laser treatments, bleaches, gels, and at-home whitening kits. The cost of tooth whitening is very much dependant on the results you want to see. For example, if you have deeply stained teeth and are looking to get to a pearly white shade, you will need more treatments, and the cost will be higher.

Tooth Whitening Options and Cost in Los Angeles  

There is an excellent article published by the American Dental Association that addresses a 2012 survey where “most respondents indicated wanting whiter, brighter teeth.” There are certainly many different ways to achieve a whiter smile, some are more cost-effective than others. Whether you are looking for in-office tooth whitening treatments, or you would prefer to lighten your teeth at home, we offer three different types of tooth whitening, so you have several different options to choose from. 

Zoom Whiteningtooth whitening treatment

The average cost of Zoom tooth whitening in Los Angeles is around $500 per treatment. Zoom whitening is incredibly fast and effective, it’s one of the most powerful tooth whitening treatments on the market. This in-office whitening treatment can lighten your teeth to up to 8 shades lighter. Zoom tooth whitening is a light-activated system. Your dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth, and then, when activated by the Zoom light, the treatment will remove deep stains in the enamel. 

Zoom tooth whitening lasts between 60-90 minutes. Patients see dramatic results in just one treatment. Learn more about Zoom tooth whitening in our recent article.                  

At-Home Whitening 

At LA Dental Clinic, we also provide tooth whitening kits that you can use from the comfort of your own home. At-home tooth whitening, also known as tray-based whitening can be more cost-effective, usually costing between $100-$300.  

At-home tooth whitening kits are an excellent option for those with mild surface stains, however, at-home whitening can also remove deep stains, it just takes longer. Our team will make custom trays that are perfectly fitted to your teeth so you don’t miss any spots. At-home whitening treatment generally takes roughly 2 weeks to create a noticeable difference in tooth lightness. Learn more about the process of whitening your teeth at home. 

Tooth Whitening For Life

At LA Dental Clinic, we know the cost of tooth whitening in Los Angeles can vary. Tooth whitening is such a popular treatment in Los Angeles and we want to give back to our loyal clients with this special service. That is why we have created a club for our existing patients. In our Tooth Whitening for Life program, membership costs just $99 and you can invite a friend for free. We make custom whitening trays and whitening gel for a treatment that lasts two weeks. Our one-time payment of $99 means you get free tooth whitening gel and trays every time you come in for your cleaning. 


The cost of tooth whitening treatments can vary depending on the treatment you are looking for, the level of whiteness you want to attain, and the form of treatment you are interested in. In general, in-office Zoom whitening is the fastest and most efficient way to lighten your teeth. At-home whitening can produce incredible results and it is more cost-effective, however, it can take over two weeks to achieve the desired look. 

Contact Us

When you want a bright, beautiful smile, visit LA Dental Clinic for tooth whitening. We have been providing tooth whitening treatments in Los Angeles for over 10 years. Lighten your teeth by 8 shades in just 1 hour with our Zoom whitening treatments or join our Tooth Whitening For Life program to save on tooth whitening treatments when you visit our clinic. 

If you have questions about the cost of tooth whitening or the costs of our other cosmetic dental procedures, give us a call at 213.342.604 or book an appointment online.

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