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zoom whitening

What Is Zoom Tooth Whitening?

Getting professional tooth whitening no longer has to take hours or require a day stuck at home wearing a whitening tray. With Zoom whitening, you can get in-office tooth bleaching in just an hour. If you have discolored teeth and need a quick way to fix your look, then this procedure will be right up your alley.

How Your Teeth Become Stained

Over time, enjoying pigmented beverages like coffee and wine will inevitably stain teeth. The natural aging process also causes your teeth’s enamel to weaken and hold stains more. The dentin underneath the enamel is yellow, which shows more as the enamel wears thin. Teeth can also become dull without regular whitening and upkeep.

Reasons to get Zoom whitening

You may simply want to get whiter teeth, but there are other reasons to get a quick whitening.
If you plan on getting veneers or dental bonding, your natural teeth will need to match your future porcelain veneers. In this case, whitening is recommended to give you an even look. Braces also result in uneven stains on teeth and whitening can give you a nice finishing touch after they come off.

What happens during Zoom whitening?

It’s called “Zoom” because it happens in a flash! However, there is some preparation involved.

  1. Initial consultation: After the recommended evaluation before the treatment, you’ll go through zoom whitening. This step determines whether Zoom is right for you and that your teeth are in the proper condition to receive the treatment. You’ll also be advised on proper oral hygiene care.
  2. Professional Cleaning: A regular teeth cleaning is recommended before you get the Zoom treatment.
  3. Procedure prep: Your lips and gums are covered with a protective coating. Your teeth are then covered with patented 25% Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel. Any crowns, veneers, or composite bonding won’t be covered.
  4. The procedure begins: Your dentist applies a special light to the teeth. This is done in three 15-minute bursts.
  5. The light works its magic: The light breaks down the hydrogen peroxide, causing oxygen to enters the enamel and dentin. This bleaches the stained while leaving the tooth’s structure unharmed.

Cost of Zoom Whitening in Los Angeles

Tooth whitening in the office is an excellent way to improve your look for minimal cost. It’s also a good way to “reset” your teeth to their former glory and allow home whitening kits to be more effective. Compared to veneers, they are much more affordable.
Zoom whitening costs on average $500, which includes the optional take-home trays to make your results the best they can be. Since it’s a cosmetic procedure, It’s usually not covered by standard dental insurances, which keeps its out-of-pocket costs minimal compared to other dental procedures.

Other Points of Consideration

Zoom whitening is an in-and-out procedure with no downtime. However, there are some factors to consider.

  • Some patients may experience sensitivity during the treatment.
  • The zoom light is warm, which sometimes causes discomfort.
  • Light tingling is sometimes experienced after the procedure.
  • Pregnant women and children under 13 shouldn’t undergo Zoom whitening.
  • The results may be not as dramatic if your teeth are badly stained. You should discuss other options like veneers if your teeth are heavily discolored and damaged.

Zoom Tooth Whitening in Los Angeles

To find out more about Zoom whitening and if it’s right for you, schedule a free consultation today. We’ll be happy to discuss this procedure in more detail and offer you the best options to get the results you want.

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