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How to Prepare for Your Next Dental Appointment

Your upcoming dental appointment is an opportunity for your dentist to check on your teeth and make sure you’re on track with your home care routine. It is also a good time to observe any improvements that were implemented in your last visit.

To have the best appointment possible, you should come prepared. Here are 8 steps you can take to have your dental appointment go as smoothly as possible.

1. Verify Your Appointment.

Usually, the dental office will call you a day in advance to confirm your appointment. This is your chance to double-check the time you need to come in and to ask any final questions about what you need to do before the appointment.

Also, if an urgent situation has arisen and you can’t make it to the appointment, you can use this opportunity to reschedule.

Ideally, you should try to reschedule as far in advance as possible out of courtesy to your dentist and other patients, so that your appointment time doesn’t go to waste.

Most dental offices will allow you to book your appointment through an online booking engine. At LA Dental Clinic, if you want to book your appointment online or check appointment availability you can visit the online booking portion of our site.

2. Clean Your Teeth.

Not only should you do this step right before the appointment, but you should keep up your daily routine between appointments. Regular home care is the only way to prevent gingivitis and cavities from forming.

Having clean teeth that are free from plaque and food debris is not just a courtesy to your dental hygienist, but it will also make the appointment go more smoothly.

Though you’ll get a professional cleaning at the office, pre-cleaning your teeth will help your professional cleaning be more effective and the hygienist will not have to spend as much time cleaning your teeth. This saves you and your dentist time!

Everyone likes to save time, so why not extend this favor to yourself and the whole dental team?

3. Transfer Your Dental Records.

If this is your first appointment, you should preemptively send over your dental records. If you already have X-rays from your previous dentist, you can save time and not have them done again at your new office.

Your dentist will also know the best course of action to treat you based on these records. This will ultimately save time and hassles for both you and your dentist.

Instead of showing up with your records, have them transferred a few days in advance so your dentist can be the best prepared. Call your old dental office and ask for this to be arranged. It is no trouble and is easily arranged.

4. Set Up Your Insurance Or Payment Method.

Just like your dental records, establishing your insurance into the office’s system can take some time. If you are a new patient or just switched insurance policies, it’s a good idea to show up early to give the front desk receptionist enough time to enter all your payment information.

You will need to make sure your dentist can accept your insurance policy, so don’t skip this step!

If you do medical bill sharing or a self-pay patient, be sure to provide all the paperwork and information the office needs to have your appointment start on time and without a hitch.

Give the office enough time to enter your information into the system, regardless of how you plan to pay. Your appointment is more likely to run smoothly and be on-time if the office staff have your necessary information.

LA Dental Clinic also has its own in house dental discount plan for those who may not have their own full coverage. For more information on how this may apply to you, visit our insurance page.

5. Arrive Early For Forms.

This rule applies to everyone, especially new patients. There are often patient information forms to fill out. You will want to arrive at least 15 minutes early to check in and have the required forms filled out and returned to the receptionist.

Taking this precaution will help you have your appointment on time.

On these forms, be sure to update the office of any new medications or changes in your health since your last visit. Be honest and leave nothing out to make sure your dentist can provide you the best care.

6. Prepare A List Of Questions, If Needed.

If anything has been bothering you lately that you can’t put a finger on, write it down! Even if it’s a minor toothache, no question is too small for your dentist.

Small problems can become big ones later, so being able to treat them early will save you significant medical costs in the future.

7. Got Anxiety? Let Your Dentist Know.

Anxiety can greatly affect your dental experience. Dentists are well-acquainted with patients that get anxious at the thought of a dental appointment.

However, if you let them know about your situation, you can be offered measures that can alleviate your anxiety.  

8. Ask For Any Post-op Guidelines

After your cleaning and check-up, ask your dentist for his or her professional feedback. Are there any special recommendations for your particular oral health condition?

Aside from regular at-home cleaning, are there other products your doctor would recommend like a Waterpik or special flossers? It never hurts to ask about other ways to keep your teeth in great shape.

Schedule Your Next Appointment!

When you’re the most prepared, your next dental appointment will always be a success. Get the most out of your dentist’s expertise by taking all the measures possible to have these appointments run smoothly.

By providing thorough information in advance and coming forward with all your concerns and questions, you can work together with your dentist to keep your smile healthy for years to come. Don’t wait, come on in today.

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