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invisalign vs. braces

Pros and Cons of Braces

While braces are generally very effective, and the number of braces options has expanded for adults and children over the years, there are still pros and cons to consider before making the investment.


Straighter Teeth

Having straight teeth automatically means having a nicer and more beautiful smile. This is best achieved when children get their braces put on before the age of 12.

Higher self esteem

Remember that old saying back in the day, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” As you get older, you realize that’s not actually true. Having a crooked smile because your teeth aren’t perfect can be pretty embarrassing, and as time goes on, it can even affect your self-esteem. So many children and adolescents, and even some young adults, seem to suffer from very low self esteem because they have been picked on for having a weird or imperfect smile. Having a straight and perfect smile can be a surefire way to increase self esteem, making you more confident, and as result, more productive in your day to day to activities, which would otherwise be compromised by feeling down!

Innovative and Stylish

Braces used to be horrible back when they first came out, even after the headgear problem was resolved. But today, there’s a variety of braces that are available for different people according to their personality! Not only are they more comfortable, less obtrusive, smaller, and require less brackets, they come in different colors and wires, which can be chosen for a bolder look to correlate with your outgoing personality (if you happen to be an extrovert, that is!).


Pain and Discomfort

Getting braces put on is a painstaking procedure on its own, but that’s not the half of it. It comes with the extra added bonus of feeling pain and discomfort even when you have them on, and the pain lingers until you get them removed. The mechanism of braces is pretty simple: they gradually move your teeth into a straighter position via gradual tightening. The gradual tightening causes gradual pain in the jaw. But the (sort of) good news is, this is a very common problem and can be overcome simply by taking Asprin.


Having braces can be pretty embarrassing, not only for kids, but for some adults as well. Children often face harassment at school for having braces, especially if they can’t carry them well enough to fit their natural style. The good news is, this embarrassment can be avoided by opting for transparent braces, which are made of clear plastic molds, and are less visible than braces.

Not pocket-friendly

Having braces can put a dent in your pocket. They tend to cost around $5,000 on average for a complete set for both top and bottom teeth.

Other cons of having braces include:

  • You can’t have certain candy or food because it can get stuck in your teeth and removing the residue can be difficult.
  • They can leave indentations or marks on your teeth if you don’t brush well enough
  • You may have to wear a retainer for the rest of your life to make sure your teeth don’t go back to their original crooked state
  • You may suffer from minor cuts on your lips because of the metal brackets


Even when people understand how braces work and the benefits they offer, getting them isn’t usually at the top of anyone’s wish list. Still, even though there are some negative factors associated with having braces, the bottom line is that at the end of the day (or several years), you’re going to thank yourself for getting them put on, especially when the people who used to taunt you for having crooked teeth or braces end up complimenting you on your new and improved beautiful smile! It all starts by getting in touch with us for a free consultation!

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