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Senior Dental Care For A Flawless Smile

With age the responsibility of dental care increases as the teeth have endured enough wear and tear to make them susceptible to gum diseases and a host of other abnormalities. Here we will discuss the peculiarities of dental care and hygiene for senior people who have hit the mark of fifty for ensuring perfect health of teeth and maintenance of a pearly white smile for years to come.

Cavities and Plaque Buildup

As we age the gums of the teeth begins to recede exposing the surface of the tooth to diseases and other abnormalities.  Furthermore, dry mouth which is caused by either the natural aging process or due to the usage of certain medication have an adverse effect on the teeth. Without the adequate availability of saliva, the food particles are not washed away and the resulting in buildup of harmful plaque.

Gum Inflation aka Gingivitis

With the buildup of plaque results in abnormality of the teeth known as gingivitis. Gingivitis causes redness and swelling of the gums which is sometimes very painful especially for older people.

Sensitive to both Hot and Cold

With time the gum tissue erodes making the teeth bare and as a result it becomes very sensitive to cold and heat. Tasting ice-cream and drinking hot tea becomes a very painful ordeal indeed requiring certain clinical treatment like a soft tissue graft a necessity.

Risk of Oral Cancer

Senior persons are especially at risk of developing oral cancer for which regular dental check –up is mandatory. Any lesions in the mouth or tongue should be quickly examined by an expert dental expert.

Senior citizens require special attention to their oral hygiene avoiding which complications develop which are very harmful for the teeth. Apart from regular dental check-up following points should be take care of for better dental health and hygiene.

  • To prevent erosion of the enamel, keep your teeth clean. Brush at least thrice a day with regular usage of dental floss.
  • Use fluoride mouthwash after every meal. Mouthwash is great for removing bad breadth of the mouth. However avoid mouthwash that contains alcohol as they are proved to cause ulcers and other lesions of the mouth.
  • Limit food intake to two to three times a day. Research have shown that those who consume food at tandem increase the risk of plaque development and other gum disease as the bits of foods and particles that are left over after food cause harmful bacteria to build up and remain inside the mouth with adverse affects.
  • Limit the intake of sugary drinks and carbonated drinks. Candies, chocolates, and sodas should be taken very sparingly as they are detrimental for the teeth.
  • Use braces to correctly align crooked teeth.
  • Avoid chomping on hard food items like the bead of the uncooked popcorn, hard to crack nuts and other similar items.
  • Cancer causing activities include smoking and drinking alcohol which should be avoided by senior people.

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