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Braces vs Invisalign

Traditional Braces vs Invisalign: A Comparison

If you’re looking for orthodontic treatment for you or your children, it’s important to consider all options.

Arguably the most popular orthodontic treatment is traditional braces. Many of us have had them. They get the job done for you at a decent cost. However, as we all know, the look isn’t the most appealing. Let’s face it – not many want the metallic look braces give you.

Then there’s Invisalign. Invisalign is a new treatment that can correct teeth alignment. It has become popular because it is comfortable and invisible. Only a dentist will be able to recommend if you need Invisalign or braces or both to meet your alignment needs.

In this blog post, we’ll compare traditional braces with Invisalign so that you know which one might be best for you.

Braces 101

Let’s start this comparison by going through the basics. First, braces.

Dental braces are used to correct malocclusions, overbites, underbites, open bites, deep bites, crooked teeth and other imperfections of the teeth and jaw.

The basic idea behind braces is to force movement on a tooth in controlled and specific direction.

The main advantage of braces is correcting the aesthetic appearance of a person’s teeth and jaw bones.

Traditional braces are made of stainless steel or titanium. The parts that comprise braces are the brackets which are attached to the the teeth using a special bonding agent that adheres to the tooth surface.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign are custom aligners, designed to be an alternative to traditional braces. They are clear and invisible to the naked eye.

How often do you need to have your Invisalign trays in for?

They are to be changed every 2 weeks. However, your dentist may move you down to 10 days if movements are going well for 2 weeks at a time.

Invisalign recommends your trays to be in for a minimum of 1 week but for precautionary reasons, dentists start you at 2 weeks.

Your Invisalign trays are supposed to be worn up to 22 hours per day. This is to accommodate for removing your trays during your major meals. However, this can take a longer time

Invisalign cannot be used for all orthodontic tooth movements but is a great option for people who don’t like the look or feel of metal braces.

The Cost of Braces vs the Cost of Invisalign

As with many products on the market, the cost is dependent on different aspects. In orthodontics, the type of braces and duration you need them for are the main determinants of cost.

Let’s start off with Invisalign and 6-month braces. These are used mainly for cosmetic type changes without too much change in the bite (occlusion). The cost of Invisalign is $1999 for a very short treatment (10 trays or less) and up to $4999 for a full course of treatment that can last a couple of years and have multiple refinements.

6-month braces are like normal braces, but can have ceramic brackets. These are still braces though. The cost of 6 month braces at LA Dental Clinic is $3600.

The “regular” braces are the kind where we are working on fixing bite issues as well as cosmetic issues. These are the traditional type of braces that everyone is afraid of getting. Usually because these come with elastics and wires and can be troublesome.

Regular braces can potentially include removal of some teeth, if the situation requires it. We charge about $4800 for regular braces and the treatment can last for up to 3 years.

Differences between Braces and Invisalign

The main difference between braces and Invisalign is that during treatment, braces cannot be removed. They are essentially permanent. On the other hand, Invisalign can be removed if you want and it’s recommended you do so before you eat a meal.

The treatment used to straighten the teeth also differs for both. One aspect you must keep in mind when you speak to your dentist about braces is the amount of rotation required. If your teeth need to be rotated more than 20 degrees, you will need to go in for braces. Some dentists up this figure to 45 degrees.

Rotation is the alignment of teeth that have turned sideways. Some dentists initially use braces and complete the rest of the correction process with Invisalign.

Which one is faster?

Generally, Invisalign cases are completed faster than cases that call for traditional braces, but it’s often close. In some cases, it may just come down to whether you (or your child) can be mindful and disciplined about wearing clear aligners for most of the day.

If you’re looking for a more details to help you decide, we’ve written a post comparing the treatment speeds of Invisalign  and traditional braces.

Deciding Between Traditional Braces And Invisalign For The Best Results

Patients often face difficulty in deciding whether to go in for Invisalign or traditional braces. In Los Angeles, there are many dentists you can go to for consultation and advice. Please visit a few dentists and find the one that you are comfortable with. Braces can take many years, so you want to choose your dentist wisely.

Dentists sometimes recommend combining traditional braces with Invisalign. Of course, we don’t mean at the same time, but rather, one can be used first for particular issues and then the other can be started after the first treatment ends.

Invisalign is revolutionary and can correct a number of orthodontic issues. However, sometimes there are cases that can be corrected only with braces.

Oh, and don’t forget – no matter which option you choose, you’ll still need to wear a retainer afterwards.

Invisalign vs. Braces: Aesthetics

Many patients often ask us about Invisalign only because it is invisible.

However, there have been vast improvements in braces too. Besides the metal braces, there are other options. You could go in for clear braces that are invisible or ceramic braces that match the color of your teeth.

In orthodontic cases, sometimes braces are placed in the back teeth or at the bottom of the teeth and here aesthetics is not a concern so you could do without Invisalign.

Sometimes, Invisalign on your lower teeth might not be helpful. In this instance, it’s better to go in for braces.

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