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dental implants are great options for tooth replacement

7 reasons to consider dental implants

Over the past few decades, dental implants have revolutionized the way people replace their missing teeth. At LA Dental Clinic, we offer a variety of implant options to help restore your smile. But are dental implants worth it? Absolutely. Here are just some of the many advantages that dental implants have to offer:

1. Dental Implants are Non-Invasive to Other Teeth

The most overlooked advantage of dental implants is their ability to function independently of other teeth throughout the mouth. Traditional tooth replacements like fixed bridges require reshaping or cutting down the teeth that support them (for the restoration to slip over the top of the tooth appropriately.)  With a dental implant, the restoration can stand independently between the adjacent healthy teeth.  Not only is the implant non-invasive to its neighbors, but it also helps preserve the alignment of your bite. By replacing the tooth with a permanent fixture, the adjacent teeth are less likely to tilt into that open space. 

2. Dental Implants are Extremely Strong

Enamel is the hardest substance you’ll find in the human body; it’s significantly harder than even the densest bone tissue. But dental implants are even stronger and more durable than that. This characteristic allows our dentists to place implants at strategic points throughout the mouth for multi-tooth and full-arch rehabilitation purposes. The biting pressure placed onto each implant may be more than an anatomical tooth, but it is strong enough to withstand it on a day-in, day-out basis. You won’t have to worry about them breaking or cracking, and they’ll never get cavities.  What makes dental implants so strong? Their hypoallergenic titanium design and how they integrate with your bone once they’re installed. After your implant is fully integrated, it can support more weight than even the healthiest natural tooth. 

3. Fewer Implants are Needed Than You Might Think

Do you need a dental implant for each tooth that’s missing? Not necessarily. If you’re replacing several teeth at a time, our dentists can pair dental implants together to support a fixed, multi-tooth restoration. For example, as little as two implants can permanently anchor a three or four-tooth dental bridge in that space. This eliminates the need for four separate implants (reducing your treatment cost) as well as the need for a removable partial denture. And as few as four implants total may be needed to support a hybrid, full-arch restoration

4. An Implant Offers Anti-Aging Benefits

Bone loss is a natural side effect of tooth loss. As teeth fall out or are removed, that area of the jaw begins to resorb (shrink) and look thinner. This transformation also impacts the appearance of your lips, cheeks, and facial profile. Fortunately, dental implants help promote healthy bone density to stall the resorption process. When installed soon after tooth loss, a dental implant helps preserve your facial shape and profile, preventing you from looking older. 

5. Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of dental implants is that they’re capable of lasting for decades at a time, if not the rest of your life. Because implants are integrated with the bone that supports them, they become a permanent part of your smile. All you have to do is care for them as directed, schedule regular checkups, and keep your smile healthy.  The long-term success of dental implants makes them one of the best solutions for anyone with missing teeth. Compared to other popular restorations, implants promise the best return on investment. And convenient financing is always available.  Lifestyle factors such as smoking and tobacco use can interfere with the success of your new implant investment. We will be sure to review various health factors with you to make sure you’re an ideal candidate for implant treatment. You can request a no-pressure consultation with our LA Dental Clinic dentists at any time!

6. You Can Eat Anything You Want 

Wearing a denture or partial denture changes the way you eat. They offer less biting force than natural teeth do. On the other hand, the strength of dental implants allows you to eat all of your favorite foods. Whether you enjoy biting into a fresh, crispy apple or a medium-well steak, feel free to order whatever you like.  While we often take chewing and biting into our food for granted, it’s essential for a healthy, balanced diet. People with missing teeth often shift to softer, more processed foods because they are easier to chew. Thanks to the strength of dental implants, you’ll be able to easily enjoy fresh produce, your choice of protein, and never have to think twice. 

7. Implants are Easy to Care For

Good oral hygiene is the key to the success of your dental implant investment. Although a dental implant cannot develop cavities, it’s still important to keep the tissues around it healthy. Otherwise, the implant form of gum disease (known as “peri-implantitis”) can cause tissue detachment and loss of support around your new restoration. Fortunately, cleaning your implants is just as easy as caring for your natural teeth. Plan to brush your dental implants twice a day, for at least two minutes, and floss around every implant once a day. If flossing is a challenge, you may want to consider using a water flosser instead.    At LA Dental Clinic, our dental implants start as low as $3999. With flexible restoration options and financing plans, we can help you find a smile solution that fits your lifestyle and health needs. It all begins with a consultation at LA Dental Clinic to discuss your options and personal goals.  Are dental implants right for you? Reserve a no-pressure consultation with our dentists today!

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