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what is a root canal

What Is A Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal is a vital dental procedure that has saved countless patients from losing their natural teeth. It’s also useful in relieving chronic tooth pain that’s rooted in an infection or inflammation. The procedure involves removing infected tissue from inside your tooth in order to prevent it from spreading further or to alleviate pain caused by inflammation of the tooth nerve.

How Does A Root Canal Work?

A root canal rescues your tooth by removing the infection inside of it. The anatomy of your tooth is quite simple. An enamel covers the dentin, or the hard layer that’s visible. Your dentin guards the soft pulp beneath where there are nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels that nourish your tooth. They are essentially what keeps your tooth “alive”.
When the pulp is infected, your nerves send signals of pain and discomfort to your brain, which makes the infection quite painful. The connective tissue that keeps your tooth in your mouth will also get damaged and deteriorate over time.

What Is A Root Canal?

It is a treatment that removes the infected pulp from your tooth. Your tooth’s inside is then disinfected and thoroughly cleaned. To replace the missing pulp, your dentist will fill your tooth with gutta-percha, a gummy material. The opening is then covered with a filling or crown. This procedure will take away the painful infection, give you the best chance at saving your natural tooth and prevent further tooth decay.
A root canal usually doesn’t take long to complete. You don’t need to dread repeated visits to get the procedure done, but instead, it can be done in one to two appointments.

When Should I Get A Root Canal?

You should talk to your dentist if you have an inflamed or infected tooth. Waiting too long will lead to it becoming too decayed to rescue. Sometimes you may have a cavity that you didn’t treat. Bacteria can enter your tooth and cause painful infections which eventually leads to decay.
A root canal essentially removes dead tissue and bacteria that is festering inside your natural tooth. You are most likely in chronic pain with an infected tooth. Removing this damaged tissue can save your tooth. It can also save you time and money by having you avoid dental implants. If you take care of your tooth after the procedure, it’s possible to keep it for life.

The Procedure

A root canal happens in five or six easy steps.

  1. Numbing. You won’t feel a thing after local anesthesia is applied to the area that needs to be treated.
  2. Drilling. When your tooth is numb, a small hole will be drilled into your tooth.
  3. Pulp removal. Your dentist will then insert a small file into your tooth and remove the infected parts. Then, he will rinse it out with water and a disinfectant. This will kill any bacteria left behind so the infection doesn’t come back.
  4. Filling. Your empty tooth will be filled with gutta-percha. This material takes the place of the pulp that was removed.
  5. Placing the temporary crown or a filling. Your dentist will either place a temporary crown or cover the drilled hole with a filling after the procedure is complete.
  6. Getting a permanent crown. If you needed a crown, you’ll return to the dentist in a few weeks to get a permanent crown fitted.

Root Canals In Los Angeles

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