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3 of the Most Common Dental Surgeries in Los Angeles

There may be a time in your life where dental surgery is necessary. Patients may need surgery after injury, infection or for orthodontic purposes. There are many different types of dental surgeries, and some are more common than others. Whether it is a simple root canal or full jaw surgery, there are 3 dental surgeries that are most common in Los Angeles. 

What is Dental Surgery?

Oral surgery is an intensive field of dentistry. It requires patience, experience, and dedication. Your dentist will perform surgery to remove or replace teeth, gums, or parts of the jaw bone, depending on what needs to be done. Dental surgery is performed in emergency situations, as well as in clinical situations. 

It can be simple or complex, depending on the patient and the procedure. Dental surgery often requires the use of sedation, so you are comfortable throughout the process. In Los Angeles, the three most common dental surgeries are wisdom tooth removal, root canal surgery, and dental implant surgery. 

1. Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery

Over 5 million Americans have their wisdom teeth removed every year. This makes it the most popular oral surgery in both Los Angeles, CA and the rest of the country. Most patients have their wisdom teeth removed in their late teens and early adulthood, but the procedure can be done at any age.

Wisdom tooth removal is common because it is often done as a preventative measure. Wisdom teeth are removed in order to prevent infection later in life, as well as to prevent overcrowding in the mouth, which leads to crooked teeth. 


A patient may need emergency wisdom tooth removal if the teeth get infected. Wisdom teeth are similar to the appendix, they are a part of our body that was once useful to our human ancestors, but they are no longer necessary and can pose more of a problem in modern times. As we evolved, so did our faces and jaw structure. With a smaller jaw bone, wisdom teeth often do not have space to grow-in fully and can become impacted, which leads to infection. 

At LA Dental we suggest patients remove wisdom teeth if we see they are not growing in properly, or if they are infected. Learn more about wisdom tooth removal as well as the benefits of this procedure. 

2. Root Canal Surgery

Root canal surgery is a very common dental procedure. They can emerge unexpectedly and are incredibly painful, they require urgent care. Root canal surgery is also commonly referred to as root canal therapy. In a root canal procedure, your dentist will completely remove the root of your tooth. 

Root canals occur when cavities become so deep, they infect the nerve or “root” of the tooth. The root is very sensitive and will cause a constant shooting pain throughout your tooth and jaw. Root canal surgery is performed to remove the root of the tooth while preserving and protecting the tooth itself.


Your dentist will sterilize and fill the tooth with filling material, and a temporary crown is placed on top. Depending on the level of infection, your dentist may also prescribe antibiotic medications to help in the healing process. In follow up visits, once the swelling has gone down, your dentist can place a permanent crown to help protect the affected tooth. 

It can be difficult to identify the early symptoms of a root canal, but knowing the signs is an excellent way to prevent this painful infection. Here are the 5 common symptoms of root canals.

3. Dental Implant Surgery 

Dental implant surgery is very common amongst patients who have experienced tooth loss. It is often performed a few months after tooth extraction, but it can also be performed for patients who have been missing teeth for several years. 

Dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth. They consist of three separate parts which include a titanium implant that acts as the root of the tooth, a screw that sits at the top of the implant, and a dental crown that attaches to the screw and acts like a regular tooth. 


Dental implant surgery can have transformative effects on patients’ daily lives. Aesthetics are improved as a patient will no longer have to worry about a visible gap in their teeth. Dental implants are also the best way to prevent jaw bone loss in patients who have been missing teeth for longer periods of time. 

Sometimes additional surgeries are required before implants can be placed, with bone grafting being the most common. Bone grafting is the process of replacing missing bone in a patient’s jaw, so the implant will sit properly and have proper support. 

Benefits of Oral Surgery

The benefits of oral surgery can be life-changing. Oral surgery can help to prevent infection, help a patient who is in pain, and dramatically improve overall oral health. 

Some oral surgeries can also help to improve patients’ confidence and restore the appearance of their smile. If you are planning to get an oral surgery in Los Angeles, talk with your dentist to learn more about the specific benefits of the procedure you are considering.  

Dental Surgery in Los Angeles

If you are considering dental surgery, it’s important to visit a dentist to determine the best course of action. At LA Dental Clinic we service all of the Greater Los Angeles areas. Our highly trained team of dentists and friendly staff can help to make your treatment plan or surgery a positive experience. Schedule your appointment online or call our friendly staff at 213-385-9710 to reserve your appointment.

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